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Developmental Edit

🔬 An in-depth edit of your story. Best option if you’ve been through several drafts, received a professional editorial assessment, and have worked on one (or a gazillion) more draft(s).




The Goal

  • Analyze story elements line-by-line: we want to refine the plot, the pace, the characters’ voices, the dialogues… with the goal of elevating both your story and your writing.

  • Question everything — sometimes, things do work… but they can still be improved upon. I’m here to nitpick: are you sure this description should be featured here? It might fit better over there. The more I think about it, the more I feel that Character Z is redundant. How about we merge them with Character Y, see how it flows better?

  • Equip you with information, tips & tricks, and tools that you can apply to future stories. I will make direct changes in the manuscript, but I will mostly write tons of comments (tons) in the margin to pinpoint issues, provide insight, suggest options… I want you to think deeply about all these notes and make informed decisions.

What You Get

  • Line-by-line comments/changes in your manuscript in suggestion mode.

  • A 4 to 5-page document to analyze specific story elements in more depth.

  • Weekly updates: I’m very familiar with the anxiety-inducing wait for feedback when you know your editor is busy tearing your sentences apart. I’ll write every week — we can talk about what I’m doing, and I’ll give you some questions/ideas to ponder.

The Cost

  • It can vary between $0,03 and $0,04 per word. Please reach out with a sample and I'll be able to assess your needs.

Interested? Questions?

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