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Let's talk stories

Reading a manuscript is immersing oneself into a writer's unique world, crafted over thousands of hours. I love diving deep into a manuscript, feeling the world you created, and coming back out with as much insight as I can.

Some things we'll talk about: infodumping & incluing (the subtle weaving of information into the story); how to paint your characters in all their complexity; how to ensure your world makes sense and does wonders; and the narrator's voice. And much more!


Five reasons we should work together

  • We stay connected! I’ll send you reading suggestions and writing exercises as I work on your story, so you can start thinking about the next steps.

  • My job: story shiner ✨ I’ll read your story twice to understand it in-depth and suggest improvements that keep its spirit intact.

  • I’ll help you find and refine your voice. My notes are full of suggestions and examples to arm you for any roadblock, now and in the future.

  • I’ll challenge you: I’ll ask you to go deeper and question things you didn’t think about, and I’ll tell you why and how.

  • 🐉 I live and breathe science fiction/fantasy 🚀 The genre is my first love and this is why I choose to focus on it as an editor.

My services

Editorial Assessment

🔭 An overview of your story. If your manuscript has never been seen by a professional editor before, this is the best option forward.

Developmental Edit

🔬 An in-depth edit of your story. Best option if you’ve been through several drafts, received a professional editorial assessment, and have worked on one (or a gazillion) more draft(s).


❓Find the most-asked questions and their answers!



Omari Richards
Author of The Kimoni Legacy

Celia was fantastic to work with. Her weekly updates were great and really helped lower the anxiety that comes with sharing your work. Her assessment was insightful and full of helpful suggestions that kept the spirit of my manuscript while making needed improvements. A very worthwhile investment.

Brandon McCoy

Author of A Promise of Iron

Celia was the perfect editor for this project. I am an amateur and she never made me feel as such. She was able to deliver specific feedback in a way that never seemed dismissive (...) Her assessment reflected the time invested in the world and she understood the story at a level second only to myself. Her suggested revisions were good ones and often came with ways to fix or improve the overall story as well as the small details I overlooked.

Theo F.W.K. Cookson

Author of Grothia Blue

Celia is insightful, enlightening and encouraging. I've just started the rewrite and thanks to this assessment, I now have direction on where to invest my efforts. This assessment is proving to be integral to ensuring my book turns out as great as it can be. Thank you so much, Celia. :)

Interested? Questions?

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