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Editorial Assessment

🔭 An overview of your story. If your manuscript has never been seen by a professional editor before, this is the best option forward.



The Goal

  • Analyze the fundamentals of your manuscript and uncover its strenghths and weaknesses.

  • Offer insightful, in-depth solutions. Each manuscript has its own set of challenges: structure, plot, character development, narrator,  etc. And let’s not forget world building, a crucial aspect in science fiction and fantasy!

  • Give you an opportunity to take a step back from the story, and see how it is received. It will answer questions such as: is it ready? Does the plot make sense? Are the characters relatable?

What You Get

  • A 10 to 15-page document that analyzes all the elements mentioned above (no notes are made in the manuscript).

  • Detailed feedback on each element, with options/solutions, examples of rewrite, and resources adapted to your needs.

  • Weekly updates: I get it, it’s excruciating to wait! I’ll write every week to let you know what I’m up to and what I’m thinking.

The Cost

  • Easy! $0,02 per word.

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Interested? Questions?

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