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Editorial Assessment


You have been writing your for thousands of hours, editing for a couple of thousands more. Now what? It is time to hire a science fiction editor, or fantasy editor, for an Editorial Assessment!

What Is An Editorial Assessment?

The Editorial Assessment is the first overview of your manuscript by a professional editor. It analyzes fundamental aspects of your manuscript, uncovers the main issues it faces, and offers insightful, in-depth solutions to each of them.

Why hire a science fiction/Fantasy Editor?

Each manuscript has its own set of challenges: structure, plot, character development, language, viewpoint… For a science fiction manuscript, or a fantasy story, some elements such as the World Building and the Stakes are crucial. Therefore, it is important to hire a science fiction editor/fantasy editor who understands the rules of the genre and will be able to make informed suggestions.

What questions does an editorial Assessment answer?

The Editorial Assessment is an opportunity to take a step back from the story, and to see how it is received by the readers. In short, it will answer those questions you are asking to yourself: Is it ready? How are the messages received? Are there any plot holes? Are the readers empathizing with the characters?

What Does an editorial assessment Look Like?

The Editorial Assessment is a separate document from the manuscript — meaning the manuscript is not being annotated at this stage. The document is divided into different sections (Plot, Structure, Dialogues…)

Which areas will a science fiction/Fantasy Editorial Assessment cover?

A science fiction Editorial Assessment, like a fantasy Editorial Assessment, will have specific sections such as World Building, Stakes, and Rules of the World. Moreover, I will discuss in detail how to show instead of tell (also know as incluing/infodumping/, a storytelling device that is quite important in science fiction and fantasy.

What do you do differently? What are your strengths?

In each section of the Editorial Assessment, I discuss numerous points in detail. Plus, I also quotes from your manuscript to illustrate my thoughts. Sometimes, I also offer a suggested rewrite to better show my point. My goal is to give you all the tools necessary to understand the story’s strengths and weaknesses and to get back to work with a better idea of how the story is received by the readers. I want your story and your voice to shine!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Click on the images below to see the first few pages of a science fiction Editorial Assessment!

Science fiction/Fantasy Editorial Assessment: Pricing Plan

$15/1,000 words
  • Weekly updates
  • Detailed feedback
  • 10 to 15-page Assessment

Most asked questions

It really depends. Once you send me a sample of your manuscript, I will be able to give you a proper estimate. On average, I ask for four weeks for 80,000 words. It might seem like a lot but I like to work at a balanced pace: I want to be at the best of my focus every day I work on your story to make sure I serve it right. After a few hours, the mind always starts to wander and I have learned with the years to recognize that moment in the day when I am not as efficient anymore.

Yes! Once I start working, I like to send weekly updates to let you know what is going on and to share a few thoughts about the story.

Unfortunately, no. I must be working with the final version of the manuscript.

Between $0,014 and $0,016 per word. I will be able to give you an exact price once I have seen a sample of the manuscript and once I have the exact word count.

If you rush too quickly to a Developmental Edit, you won’t have built strong foundations for your story. The goal of the science fiction Editorial Assessment, or fantasy Editorial Assessment is to find anything that might have consequential ramifications on the whole story and that should be fixed or improved before going into more details. For example, imagine that a rule of your world turns out to be feeble or not believable enough. Your whole setting could be crumbling!

Let’s imagine that you go directly for a Developmental Edit. Your editor will be spending a lot of time trying to fix issues that haven’t been addressed yet and that are too major to be fixed line by line — they need to be revamped. That takes time and can affect so many areas of your story. Plus, if on your editor’s recommendations you end up removing a character, or entire scenes (decisions that should be taken and implemented before an editor starts working on your manuscript line by line), then there will be whole pages that she will have annotated that will just disappear — that’s a lot of time and money that will be going to waste.

Oh yes! From the first page to the last one, and several times at that.

Generally, around 10 to 15 pages.

Please do! I am always happy to brainstorm ideas, to advise you if you need my help, and to witness the evolution of your story. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Note that you can also find me on Reedsy.

Thank You For Your Reviews!

Celia was everything I needed at my stage of development. She pointed out elements I knew I was not fully developing and suggested others I wasn’t aware of. Her suggestions to push my story to the next level are exactly what it needs. I’m excited to get back to writing and see where it takes me.


Celia devotes herself to her work in a way that is rare and admirable. Beyond being a talented professional, she dives into editing with a love for storytelling and a genuine desire to bring great stories into the world. She not only provides helpful suggestions with her meticulous attention to detail, but she is more than capable of getting into the world and characters the writer is striving to portray, and helping to bring the writer’s own particular vision to life. Celia is professional and prompt in her communications, doing an excellent job of working with you each step of the way, explaining what she will do and what you should expect, before she begins. I was astounded by some of the insights she conveyed to me. And you will be too. I could not recommend Celia more highly.


She was so helpful, perfectly professional, and I have already recommended her services (and that of Reedsy) to other authors I know.


Celia did a phenomenal job in crafting the Editorial Assessment for my short story. I was very impressed by the level of detail and the extremely insightful suggestions. Celia mentioned she planned to read the story multiple times and would only read a few pages per day in order to provide a more focused assessment on each section of the story. This detailed analysis definitely showed itself in the provided assessment. I would certainly work with Celia again.


Celia’s feedback was everything I needed to take my story to the next level and make it better. Her feedback was very thorough and in depth, addressing many aspects of my manuscript. She has also kept me updated throughout the process. I highly recommend her services!


Celia has done a great job and exceeded my expectations with her review. I look forward to working with her again.


Celia is an amazing editor. She is professional and gets the job done. I am glad I got the opportunity to work with her.


Celia gave me the exact kind of insight I was looking for. Her review is really helping me bring out the potential of my work.


Celia is insightful, enlightening and encouraging. I’ve just started the rewrite and thanks to this assessment, I now have direction on where to invest my efforts. This assessment is proving to be integral to ensuring my book turns out as great as it can be. Thank you so much, Celia. 🙂


I can’t say enough good things about Celia. There was no part of the edit that left me wanting more. She immerses herself in your story and is able to provide meaningful insight because of that depth of knowledge. From character development, plot, style and language – it’s all covered. I wanted to find an editor who would allow me to get this book into its final form, and I certainly succeeded. Highly recommended.


Interested in an editorial assessement?