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Who Am I?

Science fiction editor

I am a science fiction and fantasy editor who works in two languages — English and French. I have 10+ years of experience in book publishing and in project management, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin as well as a Master’s degree in Publishing. You can hear me talk on and on about books on CKRL 89.1 every Monday from 5:30 pm to 7 p.m., on the show Bouquins & Confidences. I am also a member of Brins d’Éternité‘s review committee, a speculative fiction magazine.

I stepped into speculative fiction as a teenager when my father handed me a copy of Jack Vance’s Planet of Adventure. I have never looked back since! From space opera to magic realism, old tales to dystopias, I read and edit all types of speculative fiction from all over the world.

A few random facts about me: I was born in France, and life has led me to Canada, to India, and to the U.S.; my lovely cat companion never stops meowing and brings me once in a while a cooked potato from a place I am yet to locate; I have taught workshops at Princeton University on how to write speculative fiction; and I drink tea by the gallon.

As a writer myself, I understand the work that comes with the craft, and I focus my time and energy on your manuscript to help you take it to the next level. Let’s work together to move forward and farther, and to unveil new visions and new stories!

How Do I Work?

Reading a manuscript is diving into the unique, original world of a writer who has spent thousands of hours working on her or his story. My working method allows me to dive into your world while keeping the objectivity needed to provide you with insightful remarks and suggestions.

We’ll talk about Infodumping and what Jo Walton calls “Incluing”. In the same vein, we’ll think about the ways in which the choices of Viewpoints can be limiting, overwhelming, and, much better, powerful and fascinating. We’ll explore the Character Development to make sure that your characters are living, breathing individuals. And we’ll go over the World Building to ascertain that the universe makes sense and does wonders.

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