Les Raisins De Gournah Is Coming Out


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For a few weeks now, my short story Les Raisins de Gournah has been available in the #194 issue of Solaris magazine.

Québécois can find it at Renaud-Bray (among others). French people can order it online on Solaris‘ website.

Les Raisins de Gournah is a story that takes place in the relatively near future, in an Egypt trapped in a 100 year old-conflict. When I wrote it, the events of the Arab Spring had not happened yet. You can read the first few paragraphs on the webpage dedicated to this issue.

It is rare for me to appreciate all the stories in an issue, but I found all those in this issue excellent. Natasha Beaulieu’s, Jean-Noël Lafargue’s, Pierre-Luc Lafrance’s and Frédérick Durant’s stories were all very different, but all in their own way fascinating. You can buy this issue with your eyes closed!

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