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What Do I Write?

Mostly science fiction and fantasy and everything in between.

I love writing stories about people trying to understand who they are and how they feel about that. Add a keen interest for anthropology, a bit of space opera fervor and a growing reflection on the ways language can limit the way we think about ourselves and others, and you’ve got me.


Dec. 2019: La Route des orsadoles is now available for free on La République du Centaure’s website!

Jan. 2018: La Route des orsadoles was nominated for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2018!


Thank you for your reviews!

Once again, Célia Chalfoun charms with the false simplicity of her text. With his orsadole Dédalie, Maolin is an accomplished musician. He takes Nasha, who is only 14, to find her own orsadole. He believes that she is mature enough for that. An initiation rite for the young Nasha, living musical instruments in symbiosis with their musicians… La Route des orsadoles has an intimate and captivating aspect; numerous questions are posed regarding the orsadoles. It’s too bad that the ending is so abrupt, but the whole story perfectly manages to entice the readers.


Célia Chalfoun walks on Theodore Sturgeon’s (or Joëlle Wintrebert’s) footsteps, with, in the end, a very beautiful ethno-sci-fi, musical short story, probably the best one of this issue.


A short story about a contact with an alien species, in which contact is established through a focus and a mind-body integration achieved through yoga poses, a much original idea.

Les Chroniques de l'imaginaire

As usual, Célia Chalfoun’s imagination brings the reader very gently to her universe. Without much, she always manages to develop captivating and intriguing stories. Every time I see her name on a table of contents, I wait impatiently to read her new creation.


One of my favorite texts, with this subtle presentation of a world both similar to ours and foreign whose mysteries unveil little by little, and coherent and credible characters, on the theme of ambivalent reactions in front of Cassandra.

Les Chroniques de l'imaginaire

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